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Tips on how to deal with children who are afraid of clowns in a Birthday party

Tips on how to deal with children who are afraid of Party clowns.

1. Make sure the clown does not wear excessive make -up. His clothes are also not very colourfull.

2. Clown should be friendly with children. Before he is going to do the balloon sculpture, talk to the kids first. Make some joke or something that the kid like it. Try to make a touch with the kid such give me five or fist bump.

3. Make the kid reply to you (the clown) such as by asking name, age, color, ask to sing and anything that the kid like.

4. If the kid is reluctant and still scared, take of the clown hat or wig and show the kid that the clown is an ordinary human being.

5. During the show, the clown should focus on the child.

6. Always ask questions and talk.

According to my experience handling this kind of kid, the kid end up to come and hug me or sit on my laps before I leave the event.

Good luck.

Uncle Tickle The Clown

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