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How to get a good clown service for a birthday party.

Taking clown for a birthday event is like gambling.

You may get a cheap clown, but not everyone is talented.

Once you make a wrong decision, the event will be dull and boring.

Below, there are 5 suggestions to get a good Party Clown service.

1. Watch the video of the clown's performance. If after 2 minutes, you feel bored, it means that the clown show is boring.

2. Do not be guided by the top position in google search. The website on the top is usually a paid website. This means that the clown (or his management) is only good at marketing. Browse the website, see how the content is like.

3. See the clown's testimony. This is one of the guidelines for choosing a clown. Keep in mind, there are some testimonials that are self -made. It is therefore advisable that you seek testimony in the form of video.

4. Many clowns who display pictures with celebrities, make shows with celebrities. Keep in mind, most shows with celebrities are free shows. It does not describe the quality of the clown as a whole.

5. One of the easiest ways to get a good clown is by being suggested by a friend, neighbor or acquaintance who has seen good clowns perform. You can get their advice.

There are only 5 tips that can be used as a guide for you to find a good clown. You have to remember, most clowns put a standard price on their services. It is a loss if you pay the same price, but the clown service you take is inferior to the clown your acquaintance has ever taken.


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